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Dave Kozlowski Photography

A lifelong passion, photography has always been in my soul. Over a decade ago I committed myself to this passion. Since then, I've created unique images that have never been duplicated.


Forever Moments Photography

The beauty that is captured it's like they save memories... - Alicia Grew up all around Colorado, never in the same town longer than a couple years. Never able to develop relationships with people. If it wasn’t for my mom my passion for pictures would have never started. Being shown pictures and told stories of the events during the pictures, this helped me to see the unlimited possibilities in a photo. From capturing the beauty of the earth around me, to the unseen beauty in someone's eyes, or the passion for life that flows through a person's movements throughout the photos. Got my first camera when I was about 15 and the love just grew. My first subject where my animals. They helped me learn the patients I needed for this passion. Then when I was 17 I attended the photography program at Pickens technical college and At 23 attended the art institute of Colorado. Living in Gunnison, CO the landscapes here are just the best subjects for photos and a lot of my work has been here. Travel to a lot of places in the Rockies that a lot of people would just find breathless. Capturing those breathless moments in a photo to share it with the world so that everyone can fall in love with the land just as much as I have. It's all about capturing those forever moments.


Mary Schmidt Photography

I have been photographying Crested Butte area for over 10 years. While I enjoy Landscape photography, I also enjoy the hunt of wildlife. I am also available for photography outings in the Crested Butte area, including night photography in the summer and fall. To meet me or see some of my work, stop by RedLine Gallery at 429 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte.


Xavier Fane Photography

My Instagram account sums it up pretty well: “A life ahead, a life behind and many mountains in between”. After a lifetime spent roaming and living in them, it is an undeniable fact that they have shaped the way I contemplate life, both through bare eyes and behind the lenses. I don’t consider myself a “landscape photographer” per se, I try to do my best in capturing the emotions they instill in me, sometimes tender, sometimes muscular, always soulful.


Dusty Demerson Photography

Photographing the Crested Butte area for over 30 years has allowed me to capture some extraordinary and unique images. These photographs decorate homes and offices around the globe. Whether you are searching for that perfect memory of your Crested Butte visit or a statement piece over a sofa or fireplace I would love to share my artwork with you. Panoramic images on canvas are a specialty.


Matt Burt Photography

I've been making images in the Gunnison Valley since 1989 when I came to study at Western as a painter. I've since transitioned to photography and love to find interesting and unique scenes and moments in nature to capture. I also do other genres, especially if it's outdoors in wild places. Fine Art landscapes are my specialty and I can sell prints on a variety of materials or license image use depending on client needs.


Raynor Czerwinski Photography

For over 20 years, Raynor has been chasing light and capturing beautiful moments on camera. My goal when photographing is simply to be present, to accept what is given and find the beauty in that. Detachment, like the camera itself, is an integral part of Raynor’s art. “Letting go leaves room for variation, room for the unknown to happen, and that’s where some incredible things can happen”. The Japanese have, for centuries, understood the value of “wabi-sabi,” or “perfect imperfection” and Raynor has similarly been able to embrace the inconsistencies that photography can create. “I’m trying to be an imperfectionist, really, in my photography, to leave room for mistakes or anomalies. That’s where the real beauty comes from,” Raynor says. “Of course, strive for greatness in your craft. But perfection? … it’s not for me.” You can see more of Raynor’s work or learn about his photography tours at the Crested Butte Fine Art Gallery at 403 3rd Street in Crested Butte.

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